EUROELITE TENNIS in Scandinavia now launches EuroElite PRO. As a result, older players will also have a tour program where they can travel together with a coach to ITF-Futures. EE already has been offering these tours for Juniors on the TE&ITF-Tour (right now around 150 guys) for more than two decades and will now take this step because:

  • College-players might want to Play Futures in their Summer Break and this is now OK
  • Players might want to prepare for College by playing Futures and this is now OK
  • Players might want to play full-time after finishing school and this if of course OK
  • Players might want to continue with EE also after finishing Juniors and we want to make that POSSIBLE!


EE-Coaches Kalle Averfalk (SWE) and Nico Reissig (AUT) both played professionally and know how difficult it is to have a coach travelling to tournaments. Often, even if the home coach is great, it is difficult for them to travel throughout the year and spend extended periods of time away from their base.  EE wants to help the players and the coaches who share a passion for Tennis.


With the (unbelievable) network from EE Owner and Founder Dave Bandelin, we are guaranteed the best hotel prices and enough court time to practice at the tournaments.


Mission: Players in the Euroelite Pro Travel Team will travel every year to some ITF-Futures together, how many and which tournaments will be discussed at a Players meeting when we know if there are any players who are interested in traveling together. To use the synergies within the EE-Group, players from Euroelite Germany can also attend these tours at the same costs as Scandinavian players. On the other hand, Scandinavian players can come to Piding to the Euroelite Germany Pro Academy to train at favorable prices. Kalle Averfalk is responsible for the touring part and Michael Andreasson together with Nico Reissig are responsible for the training part in Piding/Salzburg. If you want more Information, please do not hesitate to contact one of us:


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