Winding Down

Hey Everybody!


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I have been here in Shanghai for 5 weeks now and I have had several interesting experiences. The Chinese are very friendly and helpful. The players, with whom I work, are hard working.It has been really hot; the highest recorded temperature was 49 degrees Celsius! To make it more bearable for the players, we play indoors in the afternoon if there are free courts. Because of the high temperatures, we have to plan our practices a bit differently. We pay extra close attention to varying the intensity and the rest intervals. The kids’ favorite person is called the “Ice-Man”! Every day at the beginning of practice this friendly gentleman brings 2 big bags of ice cubes for the kids. In the breaks they are magically drawn to the ice cubes!

In the pictures you can see the “Ice-Man” in action; the players and coach, with whom I have been practicing the past couple of weeks; the kids in action at the Shanghai Racket Club and the skyline of Shanghai in the evening.


I hope everybody is doing well at home and see you soon!


– Flo

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