I just wanted to give you some updates from the City of Shanghai which I finally got to. Austrian Airlines had some problems with the Aircraft so after spending four hours at the Airport and almost two hours IN THE PLANE the captain finally (after spending another two hours in the lounge…….) decided to cancel the flight. So after spending the night in Vienna Lufthansa took me to Frankfurt and from there with the big bird A380 to Shanghai.

The city  here is kind of big, which of course I knew, with around 20 million people living here. We are all together six guys working with the players and the mission for us ´´Europe guys´´ is to help out with the know-how within Tennis and Physicals. We are actually three European coaches here: one guy from Barcelona, one guy from Bratislava and me. The Spanish guy will leave when Flo arrives next weekend as he has been working for four weeks with the players already training at the Academy here. Me and Matej are working with young players who are here within a 4 weeks talent program and some of them will be selected to stay within a long term program towards professional tennis here at Shanghai Tennis Team.

It is of course very interesting to see and meet a totally different culture, on and off the court. I was for sure wrong about some things I until now have assumed….

I hope everything is fine back home, keep up the good work everybody! / Mike

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